Jan 21, 2010

Have A Dream, Does It Important?

Have you ever heard that the dream is very important in achieving success? and do you believe that many people fail and not succeed because they do not have dream? Is it true that the written dream was so important in achieving success? Is that true that dreams are really moves us to work to achieve success? But was it so?

Let us take an example! we all may agree that one of the richest person in the world is Bill Gates. The question is does Bill Gates have a written dreams? from various sources that I have, no one mention that the success of Bill Gates because he have a written dreams.. Bill Gates is like the world of computer and programming, he offered an idea to IBM at that time and he spend most of his time in computer world. So, the conclusion is the key success of Bill Gates because of his love and fondness in computer. Did you find the keyword?

There is one more example that maybe interesting for you, there are two worker carrying a basket of stone to be taken to a place. That stone is used to build a magnificent church. While doing the same job, the workers was showing very different symptoms of work. The first worker are so excited and passionate take a basket of rocks, otherwise not with the second worker. The second worker was feeling very bored and tired of doing his job.

Until one day someone asked the two workers. when the second worker who was not excited that asked : what are you doing? the second worker was only answer in a short sentence "lifting a rock". But different answer come out from the first worker when he asked the same question : what are you doing? the first worker then replied with very passionate "I want to build a beautiful and magnificent church". So, what is the conclusion from the two stories above??

I have some friends who had written the dream but they do not succeed yet. That means written the dream is not enough if they are not emotionally tied to their dream. They do not love their dreams, they are not excited, they are have not spirit, they write just hope that dream will come true. Therefore, have a dream that should be a meaningful to us. Where when we see, think and feel it, we will feel the passion and a great positive emotion.

And believe me, any weighing job if we do with love and spirit would have been easier and fun.

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