Mar 21, 2009

The Strategy To Build A Business

Do and build the business are a main gate to get a success in business. To build a business not every act or step can get money or profit right away, so be careful in every step you take in build a business.

You need to have the courage to face the challenge either from inside or outside. Your courage specified with your ability to reduce your fear and your own mind.

Ability or capability, you must have ability to arrange the strategy plan, skill, and strong motivation to reach your goal also the ability to do the control of your finance.

Creativity, you need to have a creativity to survive, and face the competition.

Consistent, consistent with your vision, ambition to reach the success.

If you want to build a business, the first step is a focus. You have to focus to the business you will do. Do not start a new business  in the same time (two kind of business in the same time).

Think of the problem you will face, think of the problem means do the risk management because there are a risk in every activity you done. Good entrepreneur always ready with all the risk who maybe happen someday.

Use your intelligence, the intelligence you should have to build your business are :

The verbal intelligence
Your ability to speak up or have a good communication  closely associated with your success in business.

The math intelligence
This ability can see how you get the number with the good skill. To build a business, this skill is very needed to read the financial reports and make a financial planning.

Interpersonal intelligence
Your ability in communication, negotiation, give effect and encouraging others. People who building their business must have an ability to selling, negotiation, and encouraging others to do what we like or want, either to selling or an order to their employee.

The entrepreneurial intelligence
This type of intelligence is an ability to choose the target market, collect the information to produce goods and services that can be sold and give the profit to you.

Build a business is a way to be a millionaire than become a employee.

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