May 14, 2009

Good Reputation = Professionalism

Maintain a good reputation is that we need to do to become a successful or professional person.  The word of reputation itself is the accumulation of someone image in a long enough period time from the point of view of others about that person. Meaning, if you always do the job with high responsibility and professional then you will have a good reputation in the future. At the other hand, if you always do something bad then you will get a bad reputation in the future. That's why good reputation is very important to maintain.

Whatever your profession, and whatever your business, do it seriously because all of that is an success key to be a successful. Professionalism not only belong to a particular  group or profession but  its a standard behavior that must appear in a task, occupation and profession. The company culture is sometimes very influential in shaping professionalism but the principles of professionalism must be owned by each person.

And to maintain a good reputation, below are some of professionalism principle you should know :

Have a responsibility
Means that a professional should have a sense of responsibility for the work and those who cooperate with them.

Love with the job
Love the job, money is not the priority to a professional person.

The faithfulness and loyalty
Base on love the job,  the true professional  will show a loyalty to the profession that chooses.

Dare to take the initiative to do what is necessary to achieve the standard of quality or performance of high-performance.

Honest and trustworthy
Honesty is one of the main capital for you to achieve a success.  Even, one time you ignore the  honesty then the bad reputation you will get and it will destroy your career.

Learn from mistakes
Everyone did the mistakes sometimes, avoid make another mistakes and learn from that mistakes.

Follow the regulations of the company that made the law or does not violate the norms that have been determined.

All the principle above are applies to all fields, to all those who want a success and be a professional person.  So, good reputation is equal to professionalism and professionalism equal to success.

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