May 20, 2009

Overcome The Boredom

You often feel lazy to do your  daily routine  such as lazy to go to the office,  lazy to do  the other activity  and not patiently waiting to return home. That the sign that you are experiencing boredom work. You really want to stop working, but the economic circumstances of families do not allow you to stop and you must be a the economic backbone of the family. Then what you should do to overcome the boredom work feeling?

There are many ways to handle that problem, the first thing you should do is find out the causes of your boredom then find your right way out. And if your problem are :

The boredom of the office atmosphere
If  your profession requires you to always be behind the desk and you should always be dealing with computer and office equipment every day not to mention the piles of paper work you need to finish each day. that will surely makes you feel bored and what is the solution?

If you are an accountant or secretary  who every day stay in the office or in front of computer to overcome  your saturation attach your photos or funny photos of people who you care about at your desk or have a screen saver of your idol on the computer. You can also put others interesting or cute accessories on your desk but you should remember do not put to many accessories on your desk because it will reduce a professional impression on your self.

Work far from home
Your office is far away from home that causes you have to leave early and go home once when the sun was down. And you must also be a bottleneck every day that can cause you to be stress, and what is the solution?

Play your favorite songs during the trip, Ask your friend who have the same direction to go with you so you will have a friend to chat during the trip or if you do not drive the car yourself, you can read magazines or novels during the trip. That will reduce your boredom feeling.

Work under supervision pressure
For the independent worker under supervision can be very not objectionable. You feel your freedom  to create is limited and it makes you feel depressed. What is the solution?

Try to start thinking your boss as a friend to your success, so you can accept the assignment as something that would let you free in a creativity.

So, if the boredom feeling come to you, do not leave or ignore that feeling because it will be very influential on your work.

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