May 5, 2009

Change The Work Place

There are many reason why people move or change their work from one place to another. Ex. looking work place closer to the residence, looking for larger salary, find a comfortable working environment, find a better career than the previous work place. Any reason that caused you move to other place better you do that in the good way. So, if you want to back to your previous work, they will welcome you back.

Below are the steps you should do before you move to other work place :

  1. Think it carefully good or bad thing before you decide to take the decision to change work.
  2. Tell your boss directly about your removal planning, the first person you should tell about your removal is your boss, don't let he know about your removal from other person.
  3. Follow the company procedures because every company has different rules about the removal.
  4. Submit resignation letters at least 3 weeks or a month earlier, to give the task of  yours to the employees who will replace your position later.
  5. Keep the good reputation of yours, do your task or job complete or always finish your job with a good finishing.
  6. Always keep a good relationships with your colleagues or partners.
  7. The most important things you should do is don't forget to ask the reference letter.

  8. Tell your friends about your removal, so they will always remembering you as a nice person and professional one. 

    donadzku suggest you to keep a good relationship with your previous boss and your colleagues even if you are not working in that company anymore. Maybe someday you will work back at your previous company or maybe someday you will have a business with them.

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