May 9, 2009

Six Keys to a Winning Team

Have a successful team for your business is not an easy job. First, you must selecting the right people and have a great people working for you. But that is just one of many ingredients that contribute towards the making of a dream team. And you still must have another important elements in place so that this team can become a winning team.

donadzku found from the book written by Bradley J. Sugar that there are six elements to have a winning team. So, what are those elements?

Strong Leadership
If your dream team isn't backed up and guided by strong leadership, the result will be like having a supertanker sailing the ocean without a rudder. Strong leadership is crucial and can also affect the success of your team.

And what is strong leadership? It means a leader must walk the talk, a leader not only make a rules but they must follow those rules, discipline and firm. A strong leadership is also must have the ability to lead, and willing to listen the input from other members of the team or from the employee.

Common Goal
The next thing you need to do is to set a common goal. You need to tell your team members what the goal of your business is. You can't expect them to achieve results if they don't know what the overall goal is that they must be aiming for.

It all starts with your Vision. The Vision must be regarded as the central aim that enrolls the support of all your team members. It inspires them to do the things they have to do to meet their own individual goals.

From the Vision, you develop your Mission Statement. Your goals are very much more specific activities that, when achieved, help you accomplish your mission and fulfil your vision. 
By setting goals, you give your business direction and focus as well as movement and momentum. They are the things that get the business moving. Everyone needs to have goals that collectively help the business progress in the direction of its ultimate vision. It's no use setting individual goals for team members that pull in opposite directions.

So, make sure you set smart goals. What are these? They are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented goals that have a Time Frame. If your goals don't meet these basic criteria, they won't be of much use. You or your team won't be able to achieve them. They will be unrealistic and a waste of time.

Rules of the Game
You must set the rules of the game. You must tell your team members what they can and can't do. You need to create the playing field. All team members must know the rules, which must be written down and available. You see, if you don't give them the rules, they'll go outside the boundaries.

Action Plan
Every business needs an Action plan. The first thing you need to do here is to give all team members a position description. They need to know what their jobs entail and what their responsibilities are. Spell it out in clear, having positional contracts will also save you the agony of sorting out involved and emotionally charged disputes that may arise through misunderstandings relating to what a person should or shouldn't be doing. This is particularly so when things go wrong in the workplace and fingers start being pointed.

Support Risk Taking
You must be willing to take risks. If you don't, your team will always lag behind and will not push boundaries. Remember, your business is just like a tree; it's either growing or it's dying. There's no middle ground. It can't stand still.

Risk taking in business is slightly different in that it's usually tied up with the company's culture. If the owner doesn't encourage the team members to take business risks, the business will progress conservatively towards its goals. It will most probably make slow, unspectacular progress.

100 Percent Involvement/Inclusion
The final point concerning putting together a winning team draws the previous ones together. And if these have been implemented properly, it should happen automatically.

It's all about having each and every member of your team giving your business ! all of her attention, effort, and commitment. You need to make sure everyone on the team is involved. And this involvement must be 100 percent by 100 percent of the team members.

By do that six elements above, donadzku believe you will have a winning team as your dream.
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