Mar 17, 2010

Crying, The Most Forbidden Thing In The Office

Have you cried when your emotions are high or have you crying when you see a sad movie? and have you cried when parting with someone you love? Crying is normal and sometimes necessary for the good of our soul but have you cried in the office because you offended, upset or angry?

As a professional, you must learn to deal and cope with stress or disappointment and should be able to handle it as part of professionalism. An explosive anger generally more tolerable in the work environment than the tears that is often seen as a person sign of weakness.

The following are steps you can follow to become a professional :

Do not come in attacking situation
If you just have a problem, wait a bit before meeting with your manager or your boss to complain, calm yourself and think rationally what to say. This can make you become a professional in dealing with problem and not the emotional outburst sobbing.

Prepare emotion in difficult situations
If you knew to attend a meeting to be very emotional or will be faced with the "hot" situation, mentally prepare in advance. Practice to make argument or an answer, more practice and prepare yourself, will make you grow stronger.

Look for how to overcome problems
Many ways that can be done to soothe the soul when we are facing a big problem in the office. One of the ways that I often do is to walk or go out to quiet the mind is a good way to cope with stress or situation or find the other ways that can make you rest a moment, forget the saturation and the emotions that are rising. Going to the toilet or out of the room, walk for a moment, drinking tea, take a deep breath, or any other ways you like.

Think a thing that can stop your tears
Remember funny events, grab a cold drink or switch views and try to think about what can be done to stop the tears when it was going to fall.

So, from now on do not cry in the office except for the shocking news that has nothing to do with the business office, such as the news of death or other sad news. Be a professional and success surely on your hand.

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