Jun 11, 2010

Motivation And Its Relation To Success

Would you believe that a strong motivation to succeed in an individual can bring success to that person? And are you sure that the word of motivation and motivational stories can help your spirit to achieve success?  be successful not only needed motivation but it also required willingness, hard work and never give up in doing your goal. And if you already have all of those criteria, I am sure you can be a success person.

I once read an interesting motivation article  (Jayalah Bisnis Indonesia) which I will summarize back to you and can be a good motivation for you. In a motivational seminar, a motivator challenge the seminar participants, who among that participants who want to volunteer to walk on 20 x 20 cm wooden block and he will give that volunteer big enough money as return. Actually the wooden block was wide enough and would be able to walk on it with ease, moreover the wooden block was laid on the floor, even when they are unable to keep balance when walk on it they will not fall or get hurt. but, no one dare to accept that challenge until finally there was one participant who dare to accept that challenge. And he was apparently able to walk on that wooden block without the slightest traps as they fear before. Then, as promised earlier a motivator gave him money, then a motivator give him another challenge "if  the current wooden block bridge the two story building with 80 meter high, the wind was blowing hard over there, and there is a busy high way underneath", this time he promise to double the money but the participant said no, event when a motivator offering very big money, he kept saying no.

Finally, the motivator asked "well, what if  your six year old sun kidnapped, were brought to the building across, tied there and installed a time bomb that will explode in five minutes, if you want your child safe, you inevitably have to cross that wooden bridge. In such circumstances, would you walk across the bridge? the participant was silent for a moment until he finally answered : "well, I want to".
So, what is your conclusion  about these motivation story?

The first conclusion that I got from the motivation story about is the fears, doubt and lack of desire to do something is the biggest obstacle in achieving success (in these case, the fears, doubt and lack of desire of the participants have lost the opportunity to earn money). The similar situation also happened often in daily life. various business opportunities often come to many people but just a few of people who success, the answer is the same because they are afraid, they doubt with that business opportunities, they are afraid to take the risk of the business.

The second conclusion is Most of people will do anything including the most impossible thing because they are pressured (in these case, father/parents will do anything for their son even though risking their life. So also with success, many successful people come from very poor family and because of poverty, they are motivated to succeed. Many people never achieve their success is not because they are incapable but because they do not want to.

The right words of inspiration and motivation is a simple way but powerful enough for always motivating us in achieving success.


  1. Yeah that's so true, motivation is not enough it needs the willingness and the determination to do so...

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  2. the right motivation to the right path to success ^^ true

  3. Your writing is so enlightening me...

  4. I agree with you there. Very insightful article. Now I will use your idea to motivate myself to blog better.