Mar 8, 2010

The Body Language

body language is a process of exchanging thought and ideas in which the message can be a gesture, the expression of the face, touch, voice and body movement. It can also be said a non verbal messages communication (without words). body language is as important as verbal languages (with words), therefore knowing the correct body language is very important whether in business or in daily social intercourse. From the body language, people will know that you are confident, smart and passionate or just the opposite. What is clear, the best communicators of the world's have strong body language which reflect confidence, competence and full of charisma.

Broadly speaking, body language consists of how you sit, how you stand, how you use both your hands and feet, and what you do when talking to someone.

Below are some body language that you need to consider when talking to someone :

1. Make eye contact

Everyone wants to feel you speak with him directly or that they are the most important person while you talking with them. With make an eye contact you can make the better conversation and you can also see that they're listening you or not. If you are not accustomed to making eye contact on the other person maybe you are going to feel discomfort at the first, do continue and you will become accustomed.

2. Nod when the other person talking

Nodding indicates that you are being listened to, but that does not mean you nodded excessive (continuous and fast) because you'll like look like a phony.

3. Smile and laughed

Relax, smile or laugh when someone tells you a funny thing but not be the first to laugh if you tells a funny story because you will be impressed as nervous and asked for mercy.

4. Keep the position of your head straight

Do not look down when you talk to someone. you will look like not feel comfortable and the other person you talking with will look you like someone who does not believe in themselves.

5. Avoid movements that show that you are nervous

Like shake your leg or tapping your fingers on the table quickly, and touching your face.

6. Do not stand to close

People who changed their position becomes too close when talking may indicate that they were hiding something or have a specific purpose. In addition, of course would make the other person feel uncomfortable. So, keep always the privacy distance between you and someone/person you talking with.

Believe me, with the intention and willingness, you certainly can make a body language that show self confident, competent, charismatic and strong. Pay attention to body language as much attention given to the words you use and you can see the influence for your life.

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