Mar 24, 2010

Read The Mind Through Body Language

Connecting to my previous writing about the importance of body language in our daily lives and it is also very important for us to know about how to read someone's mind trough the body language.

By studying the body language, we can save ourselves from danger, help to win a competence in a competition through the movements of opponents. In communicating, we also should guard the attitude with other person to see if he likes to talk with us or not, are we talking something who offended other people or not and many other benefits we can get from reading the body language.

Below are some examples of body language we need to know :

Body language of people who are lying

Shut the mouth and coughed, this is one of the most common movements who used when someone lying.Other than shut the mouth with hand, many people cover his lie by pretending to cough, whereas, he was not get the coughing diseases.

The eyes averted when he spoke, the eyes are the windows of heart and the eyes can tell everything. Eyes can tell the mood, including when you are lying, when lying, eyes will always try to look to the other side.

Tone change, although this fact does not include body language but it is very important to understand this to know the character of the person you spoke.People who lie usually not clear intonation, so that must often be repeated or become nervous so the voice that comes out become not smooth.

Body language of people who interested

Put hand on the chest, this movement indicates an acceptance, usually accompanied by oral language, such as the promise and admiration.

Approached, if someone is interested, without realizing he would bring himself to someone who caught his attention.

The combination looks and changes in pupils. If someone is interested, his gaze will be capture longer than usual.

Body language or people who angry or refuse

1. Cross arms over the chest,

2. One of the refuse or angry body language sample :

Body language of people who feel powerful

People who feel the ruling would show an attitude like a ruler, without them saying anything we can know this from his body language.

Body language, hand movements

Play glasses,

The picture above shows the person who wants to stall - buy time or was deciding what decision should taken.

Rub the chin,

The meaning of this movement similar with play glasses, but is usually done by people who do not wear glasses.

By knowing the person body language, we can more easily know the purpose of someone or person who talked with us, this is certainly very useful for our business or in our daily activities life.


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  2. knowing body language is very important to know the other person

  3. thanks for information friends,,,, Now,,, iknow body language if people was angry,,,,, hehehehe