Apr 10, 2010

Are You Good In Managing Your Money?

Spoke of financial problems would not be endless, because we basically live with it. But of course, the financial problems faced by every person  is different and depending how we manage it. Then, do you good in managing your money?

The quiz below is to test yourself  how much your responsibility in managing your money  (as quoted from Nova magazine), answer every question with "yes" or "no" , sum the result of the acquisition value and see the meaning of this value :
  1. I really do not have any ideas about my income and expenditure
  2. I do not have the financial discipline
  3. I am spending nearly or even exceed the limit credit card I have
  4. I can not imagine life without credit
  5. I often use this month's income to cover financial problems last month.
  6. I was little bit worried about my financial problems
  7. I never dealt with money because my partner who always take care of it
  8. I have a letter or bill that came
  9. If I have just a little extra money, I will feel happy
  10. I have no specific plans to invest or save money
  11. I lied to my partner about bills or my other expenditure
  12. I am aware have to do good but right now my finance do not allow
  13. I take money from one credit card to cover other payments
The meaning of the answer :

0 correct (your answered "no" to every questions), means you are a responsible person and good on financial matters. You are the hero for you and your family because you are be able to manage money well and wisely.

1-2 correct, means basically you are a person who have responsible but wary because there are red light that appears. Immediately solve your financial problems such as paying full of your credit card bill and not use it for some time to escape from debt bondage.

3-5 correct, means your financial problems had actually been in line of danger and lead to the problem. Immediately introspection, do correction and re manage your money management. Stop unnecessary spending, do not buy goods on credit and rearrange the strategy in detail.

More than 6 correct, means careful your finance in dangerous, immediately solve your problem, do not be shy and hesitate to ask for advice or help of your partner, friend or family or even the expert.

Good luck......

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