Jul 30, 2009

Financial Report

Many things are neglected by small business owners, such as make an bookkeeping financial. Although done in a simple way, but it is very helpful for those of you who have a business even though just a small business.

Recording, in the accounting is called the posting, this is very important, especially for a new business. This recording consists of several kinds and one of them called as a ledger or journals. These journals who make a balance can be checked at any time. Then, Then calculation of monthly income and expenditure that can be called the income statement takes into account profits or business losses. In recording revenues and expenditures have a post that has been most important, like the inventory.

"Hire yourselves"
And the most important things who often neglected by small business owners is "hire themselves". And many of them (the small business owners) thinking, they do not have to pay themselves because that's their business and they can take the money any time they want, and many are thinking it is not right to take the money while the company has not the profit yet. In fact, to start a business you already take the money from your saving and also spend much time to manage your new business. So, it is right if you got a monthly salary. This is also useful to control the company expenditure for private things. The salary itself depends on the company profit and your needs.

The rent place cost
The next post is the cost of your business place rent. For retail business location is determining business success. So, if you choose to rent a strategic place for your business that will cost a lot of money, you must be considered carefully, if the profits from your business can close or cover for monthly rent.

The employee salary
Other posting cost that high enough to considered is your employee salary. If your business is still new, it will better if you ask your relatives to helping you in running the business.

If your business in retail, the other important things you should do are always check in and out the goods and write or note it on your book report.

Many things you should do to run your new business well. Beside, the above things you should do, stay focus on your business is also the key to success your business and better, you do everything yourselves at the beginning of the business, so you know and understand of the business you have. It is also make you easier to run the business.

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  1. a step in the right to do, and also the main desire is to go.....good advice, thank's

  2. a step in the right to do, and also the main desire is to go.....good advice, thank's

  3. great advice... thanks... am not a small business owner though.... maybe you've an advice on how to earn money blogging :) would love to learn