Jun 24, 2010

Smart Way To Manage Your Money

Smart in manage your money is necessary for your success and the comfort of  your life, free from debt and far from poverty. No matter how big of your income, will not guarantee you will be relieved of debt without smart way to manage your money, no matter how much money that you have, if you do not manage it properly, it will be quickly exhausted. Then, how the smart way to manage your money?

Have you record your today expenses, this week expenses, this month expenses and your yearly expenses?  and this is about the things that need to write in your financial record :
  1. Daily expense : meal or snacks, transportation
  2. Weekly           : gasoline, grocery shopping
  3. Monthly          : vehicle & houses installment, children school fees, electricity, social fund, and    other monthly payment
  4. Annual            : insurance premiums, the annual holiday fund.
  5. Long term       : funding for children to University, retirement saving or investment
And the smart way to manage your money is you should be able to distinguish between important and unimportant needs, and always saving some of your income for unexpected things. Meanwhile, unexpected needs is the needs that are happening outside the prediction, such as :
  • Hospital costs because of illness or accident
  • Repair of vehicles due to strike or accident
  • Improvement of the house
  • Natural disaster
  • Etc
Hopefully, this simple smart way to manage your money tips can give enlightenment to those of you who are often have difficulties in managing the money. Be smart in manage your money because everything when done seriously it will get a better result too. Smart does not mean stingy but you also need to consider your current condition for saving.


  1. Saving hard - earned money should be practiced by all employees. As for me, my tip is to give yourself a budget every week. As much as possible, never spend money beyond that budget.

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