Jun 7, 2010

Business NegotiationTips

In a business, the ability of negotiation is the most important thing for company progress. When you're dealing with customer or your business partner, you must have business negotiation skills. Here are some business negotiation tips for you to improve the ability in negotiating.
  1. Know yourself and the company you work, the most important thing before you taking any action, try to think for a while 5-10 minutes to get to know very clearly of you and your company position in that business negotiation.
  2. Prepare the agenda and your company demands, being a good business negotiator must understand the true issue and strategies program, viewed from all angles. When you do any business negotiation, all the project proposal must based on facts, data, research results and experienced.
  3. Know your negotiating position of the target, in conducting the business negotiation process, you not just have to know what you want to achieved but you also need to anticipate what your negotiating opponent want or think. And do not ignore the message of non-verbal or body language. A good business negotiator is always doing research to find out the character of his opponent, what is his background, habits, hobbies, etc. Proved, most of the big contract won not on the conference table but on the golf course, cruise ships and restaurants.
  4. Prepare yourself  with extensive knowledge. things that need to be controlled is the knowledge of the project or proposal that will be negotiated.
  5. Give an alternative win-win solution to your opponent. Always flexible during  business negotiations to avoid a stalemate. Prepare several alternative solutions that can be predicted to create mutually beneficial conditions for the opponent.
  6. Complete the process of business negotiation fast and straightforward. Avoid factors that can be exhausting for opponent such as the negotiation process is too long, places that are not conductive to negotiations because of these factors tend to make the opponent easy emotional and turn pressing us.
  7. Finally, when you read a contract before signing it, be careful, remember that words are important, especially in a contract where lawyers involved.
People often say that in negotiated, counting capabilities that support our success, however only personal approach and knowing the body language of our opponent is the most important thing in negotiated. I hope this business negotiation tips will useful for all of you in negotiating.

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